Tsuga's Hollywood of Kelim, SD

(11/27/98 -12/6/13)

Holly Holly
"HOLLY" - Team Dog

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  Holly Winter 2004 December 2005
December 2005 2004 In the show ring Holly at 4 months Holly at 4 months Holly 9 wks Holly at 9wks

Holly was our first Siberian Husky - the start of Kelim Siberians. She had the most personality of any dog and always made us laugh.  She was tough and very opinionated.  As our first Siberian she didn't have the same race career as our current dogs, but that didn't matter.  She was a special girl in so many ways.  A sleddog, show dog and we wouldn't want to start our kennel with any other girl :)  Thanks so much to Mike & Sue Ellis of Tsuga Siberians for letting her come to us as a pup!
Birthdate: 11/27/98 Height: 21 1/2" Weight: 43 lbs   Eyes Cleared: June 2007   Spayed Female

Litters Whelped:
5 puppies born 7/2/02 with NorthWapiti's Super Grover
5 puppies born 3/31/01 Alkasiber's Frankly Speaking

Major Show Wins - (8 pts)

WB/BOS (2 pts)
judge Mr. Clinton Harris

WB/BOW/BOS (3 pt major)
judge Linda C. More

WB/BOS (1 pt)
judge Mrs. Virginia Rowland

WB/BOS (1 pt)
judge Mr. William Shelton

WB/BOW/BOS (1 pt)
judge Mrs. Bonnie Threlfall

Best Adult - YSHC Match
judge Mrs. Ingrid Bower



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(Can-Am 250 finisher)

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