2016/2017 Race Plans


January 28/29 - Brownville ME  - (2 day race, 20 miles.  Kelly A team, Kim B team)
RESULTS: Race 1 - Kelly 2nd, Kim 3rd - Race 2: Kelly 1st, Kim 2nd.  Kelly's team: Lottie, Roulette, Beretta, Falcon, Scooby & Tristan.  Kim's team: Morgana, Electra, Winchester, Merlin, Sam & Rumple
March 10-12 - Great North Woods Stage Race (purebred class, 13 miles)
RESULTS: Race 1 - Kelly 2nd, Kim's team was run by Amy DeWolski, 3rd place.  Kelly's team: Lottie, Roulette, Beretta, Morgana, Tristan & Dean.  Amy's team: Smarty, Electra, Winchester, Lightning (from Jaye), Sam & Merlin.



If you would like to support/donate/sponsor our race season or a dog on the team contact us at kelimsiberians@twc.com

Any donation or sponsorship is greatly appreciated.  Your name will be listed on our page and website and we will keep everyone up to date on our racing/training and local events where you could get a ride with our team.  Thanks!

The Main Leaders - These dogs are our most trusted leaders, the main force at the front of our teams.
NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC - 11 years old, 48 lbs

Paxson has always been THE main leader on the "A" team.  He is an excellent dog with lots of speed, always driving hard. The perfect leader and sleddog in our eyes.  When he is up front you feel you could go anywhere or through any obstacle.  Our heart and soul dog for sure.  He has 7 kids and 5 grandkids on our team.  His feet are tough and he rarely needs booties.  Best temperament you could ask for.  He is very quiet and mellow, hardly makes noise in the yard.  He can be found sitting at your feet during play time, a real mush who just wanted to be patted all the time.


Kelim's Camelot, SD - 6 years old, 45 lbs

Lottie is an amazing girl and our TOP A team leader.   She ROCKS!  Her first race ever she lead as a yearling with her Dad, Paxson.  She is extremely driven, focused and a major speed pusher.  She is very muscular and tough.  Her four kids have shown her strong, hard driving traits and leader potential.  She is one super gal!  A Paxson super daughter!  In the yard she is bossy and opinionated, always has something to say. Her nickname is Spottie Lottie or Spotted Dog.


Kelim's Roulette, SD  - 4 years old, 43 lbs

Roulette is just adorable!  She loves people and her licker is always going.  Sweet, gentle and just a joy to have.  She lead our A team last year with her amazing aunt Lottie.  She doesn't quite have the top speed of Lottie but she is super as far as pushing to keep the speed up and she loves to lope up hills to keep the team moving.  A trait that is hard to get and one we love.  In the yard she loves our attention and loves wrestling and running around with all the other dogs.  She's a clown for sure, totally adore her!


Kelim's Dance Smartly, SD - 5 years old, 40 lbs

A smaller girl but with a lot of drive like her half-sister Lottie.  A solid member of the A team.  Very hard working.  Tough feet.  One of our only picky eaters.  She is a super sweet, gentle dog who loves all people.  A real pleasure to work with.   In the yard she is gentle and all the boys think she is super cute!

Kelim's Falcon - 2 years old, 47 lbs

Fastest eating dog I have ever seen.  She is very driven and focused in harness, very much like her Mom (and Dad).  Super leader, just an all around awesome girl.  Great with other dogs and people.  We call her our little coyote!  


Kelim's Golden Snitch, SDX, CGC - 9 years old, 53 lbs

Snitch is a ham, always makes you laugh and has a lot of his Mom, Rainy's silly side.  A main leader, especially in sprints.  Fantastic gee-over dog.  Snitch's only fault really is he tires over distance (which is odd with Iditarod parents/grandparents).  I almost think he drives too hard and burns himself out.  In the yard he can be found wrestling or lying on his back or side waiting for another dog to notice him and want to play with him.  He's a real cutie!


Kelim's Buick Electra - 2 years old, 42 lbs

Electra is the most quiet, gentle dog we have ever met. She is also very wimpy with other dogs. She reminds me a lot of her Mom, Smarty but I also see her Daddy, Tristan in her, especially her wooo.  She is all business in harness.  She is a striking looking girl being jet black & white with two split parti-eyes which gives her a tough or sad look, but that is just her markings.  She is an AMAZING leader already.  She learned all her turns her yearling year and is a command gee/haw leader.  She is very impressive in lead, only thing is she is a hard lefty so we are working on making her a rightly.



Kelim's Morgana, SD - 6 years old, 42 lbs

She's a smaller girl with shorter legs but she is the most hyper, energetic dogs we have ever had.  She has lots of drive and always gives it her all.  She is a little behind her siblings in top speed but always an asset to the team.  She is very shy with strangers so we thought she would never be a race leader but at age 3 she lead a race and did a great job and is now a back up or 2nd string race leader.  Way to go Morgana!  In the kennel she is a real silly and fun dog, no one else gets to see that side of her.  She is really a funny dog!  She has super tough feet and is always reliable.  She recently got spayed from a pyo, but previously she had a single pup litter, the amazing Roulette!


The Back-Up Race Leaders/Upcoming Leaders - These dogs are solid back-up leaders or leaders in training.  These dogs run behind the leaders or in team often.
Kelim's Beretta -  2 years, 40 lbs

Beretta is a cool looking dog.  She reminds us SO much of her Daddy, Trouper.  She jumps around just like him except she makes more noise.  She LOVES to swim, more than any other Siberian we have had. In harness she hates to stop moving. Good endurance and always focused in the team.  She is a very fast trotter and already a solid leader in training.


NorthWapiti's Wired of Kelim, SD - 8 years old, 45 lbs

Wired is very reliable in harness, the toughest sleddog we have ever met.  Never had an injury and has the best feet of any dog we have ever seen, she has never needed a boot even in the most harsh conditions. She has a very fast lope and moves very effortless. Even though she had pups last December she made my 20 mile Jericho team in March and was a super star leader.  She has many super kids in the team, Lottie, Merlin, Morgana, Tristan and upcoming star, Beretta.  A excellent producer.  She has a super cool personality and can always make you laugh.  She also has very expressive eye brows and unique facial expressions.  She is tough though, thinks all other females are below her.

Wired sends out lots of wooos and tail wags to Heather, Bill & Mya Croke thanking them for sponsoring her again this season!  She also sends Mommy kisses to her son Barq!

Kelim's Scooby Doo - 3 years old, 50 lbs

Scooby looks a lot like his Dad but has his Mom's desire to push for more speed.  A real blend of his parents.  Superb team dog, always on the A team.


Kelim's Sirius Black, SD, CGC - 9 years old, 51 lbs

A great sprint leader. He is very driven and works extremely hard.  He loves to lope and pushes for speed.  He is a pig for food and won a food eating contest at the sleddog trade fair a few years ago.  He loves people and obedience.  He has a hard time doing more than sprints as he has aged (not sure why) he gets really tired, so will only do sprints and tours this season.

Jedeye Dean Winchester of Kelim - 2 years, 44 lbs

Dean is just awesome, we feel so lucky to have him.  He is sweet, gentle, mellow, quiet, has no mean bone in his body.  He has gorgeous type and a lovely build.  He loves Beretta and they are best buds. A dog with lots of speed and already a solid leader in training.  Very nice boy!

Team Dogs/Wheel Dogs - these dogs run anywhere but lead
Kelim's Merlin, SD - 6 years old, 48 lbs

Merlin is a quiet, steady team dog who just does his job.  He's a mainstay team/wheel dog on the A team.  Great endurance and speed, never seen him really tired.  He is strikingly handsome with neat parti-eyes that match. He has excellent feet and a great appetite. He is a favorite of many!


Kelim's Sir Tristan - 3 years old, 48 lbs

We have high hopes for this Lottie/Merlin/Morgana repeat boy.  He was the only one in his litter (we bred Pax & Wired too late).  He is strikingly handsome and a real funny dog.  He is STRONG and drags you around at hookup.  Excellent eater, tough feet and fast.  A little slow maturing mentally but he was a 'young' yearling last year on the team only turning 1 in October.  He is a lot like his older brother, Merlin in harness.

Yearlings - First season in harness, though some may get a bit of leader training.  The new kids in the team!
Kelim's Wayward Son - yearling, 40 lbs

Winchester is the smallest in his litter but also the most focused in harness.  Good leader potential.


Kelim's Sam Winchester - yearling, 42 lbs

Our pick structure wise in his litter, very handsome, very loving!  The hardest driving in his litter so far.


Sibersong's The Dark One of Kelim - yearling, 47 lbs

A happy, friendly fellow.  Rumple is fast and so far the star of the yearlings.