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Kelim's Eleanor


(Click for larger image)

Ellie came back to our kennel summer 2019 when her previous owner decided she wasn't what they were looking for in their kennel. She is a beautiful girl, lovely build, quiet and easy going, sweet and listens very well. She is a hard worker, wants more and likes to lope like her Mommy (Roulette). She is a smaller female at about 35 lbs.  Ellie is such a sweetie and was a favorite of many at tours.  A real joy to be around.
Birth Date: 7/20/17   Height: 20"  Weight: 37 lbs   Eyes Cleared: May 2021   Intact Female SHPS1 (Clear), SHPN1 (Clear)

Whelped 1 litter1:
3 puppies born 9/22 with Kelim's Scooby Doo, SDX

Races Completed:

2023  Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (22 Miles) - Frost Mtn Sprint (6 miles - Lead)
2022 Jefferson (10 miles)
2020 Brownville KI 20  - Farmington 8 Dog Sprint (16 miles)
2019 Carpe Diem 9 - Jefferson Fun Run 17 each day - Chinook Trail 14 - Blue Mtn 18 - Nansen Winter Carnival 13 each day - GNWC 16 - Grantham Run 12 (racing the season with Kiana Siberians)


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