In Loving Memory Forever

"Sleepsong" by Secret Garden


NorthWapiti's Skor, SDX

6/6/01 - 8/24/10
Skor lost his life on Tuesday.  We brought him in for minor surgery to have a small wart removed off his back because we didn't want his harness to rub on it and cause him discomfort during the upcoming season.  Skor never woke up. It's such a minor surgery it never crossed our minds it could be dangerous, but any time you put your dog under anesthesia it's a risk.  You just never think it's going to happen to your dog.

Skor was such an amazing dog in so many ways, it's been hard to write a memorial page for him as there is so much we want to say.  He was a dog who meant so much to us not sure we can ever write it all down.  He was a fabulous leader, best we have ever had.  He was so reliable, we could trust him with any obstacle up front - horses, loose dogs of any size, any trail or condition.  We could come across anything and with him up front we had complete trust everything would be ok.  He was so trustworthy.  He always gave it his all and loved to run.  He had a unique way of harness banging, he wouldn't leap but would quietly surge back and forth.  He was a tough dog, never injured, had the toughest feet of any dog we owned and a appetite every musher dreams of. We have traveled many miles with Skor but there are some great moments that stick out in our memories. We remember one training day where we put him in front of a large team and had to weave through many dog trucks (with dogs tied out), teams hooking up and people walking dogs and we were nervous that we would get through it all with no issues. To our amazement we could drive him through all of this and he made it look so easy. Another fond memory we have is coming to a unbroken field in 2 feet of snow.  We knew where we wanted to go and we gave him gee and haw commands and he would quickly take any command, leaping as high as he could to get through the deep snow.  It was amazing to see a dog so smart and trying so hard to do what we wanted.  It's something we will always remember. He loved single leading, small teams, large teams, it didn't matter. There are lots of great lead dogs out there, but there are some that are just extra special. 

He was a very gentle dog who never fought, if a dog picked on him he would actually get insulted and sulk.  He liked puppies and was sweet with them.  He was just so well natured.  He had a unique way of jumping up on you for attention, instead of jumping like most dogs do, he would sort of jump up slowly and put his paws on you almost so you could get ready for his landing, lol.  All Siberians love snow and winter, but Skor was always extra happy when it snowed.  Even if it was a dusting he would roll and rub his face on the ground.  He also loved to dig, usually we are picky and keep filling in holes the dogs dig but him we gave up on.  He liked his tie out to look like the moon as he loved laying in the holes.

As a producer Skor always threw his look, you could always tell a Skor kid!  They always had his eyes.  He sired 8 litters in his life and has lots of kids on teams.  We have a few of his kids but with his passing can't help but wish we had more.  We will always remember our time with him, only wish we had more.  9 years was still too young... words can't express the feeling of loss we have right now.  We will love you always Skor and never forget you, only wish we could have told you goodbye and we love you one more time.  You will live on in your kids, grandkids and in many future generations and in our hearts and memories forever.

Here are some of our favorite photos of Skor.
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Kelly & Skor

Kim with Molly & Skor

Kim with Skor leading, running w/Lidia.  This was our
favorite run last year, we will never forget it.

Skor playing with daughter Cassie

Skor always rolled around when you hooked him up in lead.

Kelly & Skor

Skor just being handsome!

Skor leading in the Laconia Sprint Race.  He may be the only Siberian
 to have set foot on the Iditarod & Laconia race course.

Skor leading 16 dogs

Skor with Molly

Skor in single lead on a 20 mile run.

All fangs!

Skor making 'Skor Angels'

Skor, a great teacher for new/young leaders. 
Doing his 'Skor surge'

Skor & Snitch

Skor with Wired.

Skor's Kids

with NorthWapiti's Kluane

Swift Rapid Cassie See Meg Utin Cree


with Carmack's Myst of Kelim

Mayzie Echo Apachie Mojito

with NorthWapiti's Is It In You

Spree Breaker Aero Twix Mishka

with Sibersong's Moment I Spotted U

Slate Gypsy Coal Obi Granite & Opal Mica Aurora

with Blizzard Run's Sibersong Kadee

Brady Chloe Viktor Lucas Reb Sammy

with Demavand's Mintaka of SecondWind

Phoebe Luna & Taiga Lyra Ariel Deimos

with NorthWapiti's Bongo

Lakota Skye Taiga & Thunder Clover Bella Spring Max