NorthWapiti's Paxson SDX, CGC

"PAXSON" - MAIN Leader, once in a lifetime dog

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Paxson's perfect front movement

The favorite dog in the yard - this dog owns a piece of our heart and soul.  He really is perfect! He's a very sweet, quiet, gentle dog who is always happy.  We love his personality, he really loves people more than dogs, lol. We absolutely love his build, head type and movement.  A very fast dog and important producer in our kennel.  It seems so easy and effortless for him to go any speed, whether it's on flats or down hills. He is THE main race leader and is just an excellent dog.  He never seems to tire and never injures.  He has super tough feet and is just amazing.  3/4 of our yard is his kids or grandkids.

His mother Olena is a superb producer and leader and his father Squeaky was a solid, hard working team dog.  Both Olena & Squeaky made Karen's top teams throughout their career.  Karen wrote about Olena 'She is absolutely DRIVEN in harness.'

Birthdate: 3/12/05 Height: 22 3/4" Weight: 49 lbs   Eyes Cleared: May 2010   Intact Male

Sired 8 Litters:
8 puppies born 5/6/16 with Sibersong's Slammin Sami
4 puppies born 11/3/15with Gr Ch (Can) Snowdrift's Rubiks Cube.
8 puppies born 6/20/15 with Sibersong's Slammin Sami
1 puppy born 10/1/13 with NorthWapiti's Wired of Kelim, SD (we kept Tristan)
8 puppies born 7/17/13 with Sibersong's Streak of Lightning (we kept Stride)
5 puppies born 7/23/13 with Kelim's Omaha
6 puppies born 5/25/11 with Kelim's Swift, SD, CGC (we kept Smarty & Omaha)
5 puppies born 7/8/10 with NorthWapiti's Wired of Kelim, SD (we kept Lottie, Merlin & Morgana)
6 puppies born 4/24/10 with Braeburn's Animated Asia

Races Completed:

2016 KI & Beyond 20 (Lead)
2015 KI & Beyond 20 (Lead) -  Sandwich 20 (Lead) -  Jericho 20
2014 Colebrook 20/20 (Lead)
2013 Hill Fun Run 12 (Lead) -  NESDC Hill Sprint 6 (Lead)
2012 Stratford 20 (Lead)
2011 Groveton 30 (Lead) - Hill Fun Run 12 (Lead) - NESDC Tamworth 6/6 (Lead) - Sandwich 20 (Lead) - Dam & Back 20 (Lead)
2010 Hill Fun Run 12/12 (Lead) - Wonalancet 15 (Lead) - Greenville 30 (Lead)
2009  Hill Fun Run 11/11 - Wonalancet 15 (Lead) - NESDC Tamworth 6/6 - NESDC Hill 6/6 - Stratford 15 - Sandwich 20

Birthdate:3/12/05 Eyes Cleared: October 2008 Height: 22 3/4" Weight: 49 lbs Intact Male

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